Well first off, thanks for visiting!..

I’m sure I don’t need to introduce myself as you’ve probably come from my Instagram but I’ll do it anyway…. My name is Sophie (sorry really stating the obvious) and I live in London.

All through my life I’ve been obsessed with Fashion, growing up my wardrobe took over several bedrooms (sorry Dad) and my stock of handbags has never been low (sorry bank balance). However it wasn’t until July 2016 that I eventually plucked up the courage to start a Blog. I actually kept it a secret from my friends as I didn’t know how a website/Instagram full of photos of myself would be perceived. However now the secret is out (Topshop is responsible for that), all I’ve had is support from my friends, family and amazing follower base.

This blog is for anyone who loves high street seasonal pieces but also craves that Chanel handbag to jazz it all up. There is also a bit of travel in there but everyone loves a holiday.

Do leave me a comment as I love to hear your thoughts! Also remember to sign up to receive an update when I post! xx