24 hrs in Palm Springs

Despite it being almost 50 degrees in Palm Springs we decided to brave the heat. And oh yes I’m so glad we did.

We were coming from LA so we decided to go via Joshua Tree National Park. This place literally looks like its from another planet.


We managed to get there for 10am so temperatures were just about bearable. I wore my ever trusty levi vintage shorts with this striped toyshop off the shoulder. You can buy this here.

I must say, I did stand out a little compared to the very prepared trekkers with their backpacks and walking boots. Always the practical girl!

We planned to do a mile trek but ended up just cruising around in the car…The intention was there at least (kinda!)….



Isn’t it the most bizarre (but amazing) of places??..

Due to being rather over excited about palm springs (and a pool to cool off in) we headed out of Joshua to the Ace Hotel.

The Ace Hotel and Swim Club is one of the best places to stay in Palm Springs. Converted from an old motel it still retains some of its old charm. Also if you are in the area you can just go for the day (Day entry is $20) and the pool parties are some of the best.


You’ve probably noticed the change of outfit. This great little misguided body was a little cooler than the off the shoulder top. Believe me the more minimal the outfit the better!

So a trip to Palm Springs wouldn’t be complete without checking out some of the architecture. Including that pink door…


I hope you enjoyed the post Chicas.

Stay tuned for more posts back in London town. xxx

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