The Spring/Summer 17 Trends You Need In Your Wardrobe

After Fashion week I got a VERY excited about the Spring/Summer 17 trends… Not only do they all complement my style but I actually have ALOT of the key pieces in my wardrobe already (not that it will stop me purchasing a few new items…)

So despite this gloomy weather, I’m still convincing myself that Spring is just around the corner. I’ve ditched the sales and I’m endlessly refreshing the ‘New in’ pages on the Zara, Topshop and ASOS website. I just need the sun to hurry up and show its face so I can finally put those chunky knits and fur scarves away.

  1. So first off (and my favourite): RUFFLES

We have  seen these everywhere last season, whether it’s a ruffled sleeve or frill detail on a shirt. However the ruffle is back with a vengeance. This season it maybe tulle or could be sporting a floral print. If you follow my Instagram you’ll know that I’m rather partial to a ruffle and I love how it can turn an otherwise simple piece into something of a statement. If you are after a ruffled statement piece ChicWish and Storets definitely know how to do Ruffles. I have linked some of my favourite pieces from the web below…

_mg_9521_8.jpg _mg_3017-.jpg 61118-69 DIANE_RedStar_Jess__31721.1470438175.500.659.jpg


So NYFW saw the return of the classic ‘Banker stripes’. My wardrobe is already full to the brim of blue and white stripes so I’m so happy about this trend. This print looks fab in a loose cotton dress or a more tailored shirt. The more fun version of stripes; seaside stripes will also be everywhere this season (yes there are two types…). This is brighter print (reds/yellows) which could also be found on a deck chair in Brighton. I’ve also just realised that some of the picks below also include ruffles (I’m obviously obsessed)

ts10c22lble_zoom_f_1 1465798598585027618 image1xl-2 14719154141033309142


I love white in summer. I know its annoying; as soon as you put a pair of white jeans on you immediately become the most clumsy person in the world BUT you just can’t beat it. This summer prepare yourself for the white shirt dress. This ultimate classic tailored  dress will be everywhere. I may even invest in one to wear in the office. I’m also on the hunt for the perfect lace midi dress – probably with some kind of ruffle (Fingers crossed I will find this in the Self Portrait new collection…)

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We saw it last summer. Whether its a bardot or a one shoulder, shoulder cleavage is IN. Luckily again my wardrobe is full of these beauties. I have however had my eye on these  below:

_mg_7551_2_1 image1xl 61227.6_4.jpg white-ruched-bardot-neck-long-sleeve-top


A great summer classic! I’ve actually already got my hands on the Pretty Little Thing dress below. I just need that weather to warm up so I can wear it. Definitely not shoulder friendly yet!  I love this print as it immediately adds a bit of playfullness to an otherwise simple outfit.

clr9604-3.jpg  6623.35.jpg lucc-wd140_v1  image1xl-3


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t wear floral prints in Summer. I haven’t seen many yet but I’m on the hunt for the perfect floral dress. As essential as the little black dress, a floral tea dress should be present in every girls summer wardrobe. I especially loved the bold and graphic florals on the Gucci Runway.

image1xl-4 0594002623_2_1_1.jpg 7313067-3.jpeg   PRIP-WD125_V1.jpg


The ultimate in girliness; tulle always makes me think Sarah Jessica Parker or Gossip Girl. Whether its an A line skirt or a ruffled blouse, each piece makes a statement. I am so excited to get my hands on a voluminous tulle skirt to add a bit of romance to the wardrobe.

image1xl-5.jpg _mg_0493_5.jpg image1xl-6.jpg AXIS-WD178_V1.jpg


If you are like me and carry the whole world in your handbag, this might seem like a nightmare. However I’m seeing this as an opportunity to give my arm a rest and remove the clutter from my life. And also aren’t they just too cute???

118-2000644-425317bj58j_deepmarinenero_m 141-77035800-308364a7m0g_tabascored_m      _100169338.jpg

Happy Shopping! xx



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